Тренинг курс "АПТЕЧКА ЗА ПЪРВА ПОМОЩ" / Training course "FIRST AID KIT"


“First Aid Kit 2”

For second year in a row Youth Development Center Mutual Aid held a workshop where youth workers learnt how to act in cases of first aid emergencies during their work or daily lives.
From 4-14 November in the Rodopy Mountain and its peak Vurhovrah, in the vicinity of Perushtitsa, a training workshop was held on the topic of “First Aid Kit 2” under the umbrella of “Erasmus +” program, financed by the Human Resources Development Center. Participants from 30 countries joined coming from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Romania, Spain, Lithuania, Slovakia, Italy and Estonia.

This year apart from first aid for adults, the organizers emphasized on performing first aid also for kids and babies (suffocation, seizures), psychological help for victims of terrorist attacks and the like.

The participants are to organize an event in Plovdiv to demonstrate their acquired skills and to shoot short movies in collaboration with United Avangard Artist, which will be broadcasted upon completion of the training in order to pass on the experience.  

The organizers will host another training course as well called “Idea Shapers” from 15 to 23.09 through Erasmus +, which will be based in the same location.