Тренинг курс "АПТЕЧКА ЗА ПЪРВА ПОМОЩ" / Training course "FIRST AID KIT"


Training course "FIRST AID KIT"

In Bulgaria, first aid courses are organized only for candidate drivers, not commenting on the monopoly of the BRC on this subject, set out in our legislation, but trying to do something good, if this project is approved, to promote both the need and its subsequent outcomes for a better future in the direction of "First Aid Training". But this problem also exists as a serious problem in youth work.

All of our partners are working on Erasmus + projects and at any time, an incident can occur that requires first aid from a trained for this person. As no one realizes that there are potential risks that may arise during trainings, events and other activities, there are no trained participants to provide first aid when needed.

The need for training for actions in case of disasters and accidents is also not realized. Our project "First Aid Kit" enables youth workers to broaden their knowledge and gain experience and skills for first aid and to limit the harms from disasters and accidents. We are aware that such trainings are mainly conducted by the Red Cross and the specialized state institutions. Youth workers should learn how to provide first aid and thus acquire the knowledge and skills that are very necessary to save lives.

On the other hand, by training youth workers in first aid, organizations will minimize costs to treat fatal, serious and minor injuries that can occur to the participants in the projects. We are not even talking about the financial benefits of reducing severe injuries and minimizing disability from injuries. First aid is the immediate help given to a person who has been injured or has suddenly become ill. First aid knowledge can not only decide whether one is going to avoid death but also manages the consistency and priority of first aid in an emergency. It is therefore important for people to know what to do first and what next.

The aim of the project is to raise awareness and to provide experience and skills to properly apply first aid procedures and how to implement solutions for disaster risk reduction from 30 youth workers from 9 partner organizations from 9 countries - Spain, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary, Romania, Poland and Bulgaria.

The objectives of the project are:

  • To raise awareness and develop the skills of 30 youth workers from 9 partner organizations on how to ensure proper first aid in case of frequently encountered accidents or in life-threatening situations by the end of the project;
  • To increase the level of confidence in carrying out first aid of 30 youth workers from 9 partner organizations from the 9 countries mentioned, so as to control their emotions in a real situation, in the activities until the end of the project;
  • To prevent damage and to control the reaction towards disasters (earthquakes, floods, frost, landslides, etc.) of 30 youth workers from the 9 mentioned countries by the end of the project;
  • To create a short video with a message to raise awareness of preventive education in the context of youth work. These objectives are related to the general objectives of the Erasmus + program and reflect its permanent priorities in the field of youth.